Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy New Year!!! #2013: This Girl Is On Fire

This may be a little late, but since I missed it. Happy New Year!!!

So here we are in 2013, I don't know about you and your circle, but my family, friends, and myself are starting this year with a serious bang and I am very excited about what God is doing in this season. Just to give you an update, I have enrolled in online courses with Capella University in the Doctoral Non-Profit Management & Leadership Program. Yes!! LadyB is making BIG moves in 2013. I have declared this year the year of No More Excuses as coined by my Lifestyle Coach and also my Make It Happen Year.

Ladies it is time, God is doing some amazing things in this season everything that you wanted to do is God is saying it is time to give birth to them all. I realized that I have spent so many years just saying okay this is what I want to do, this is what I am going to do, this is what I would like to happen, and guess what??? Nothing ever happened and I am tired of it! I have become fed up with my own excuses, God has already given me the vision He has laid the path so it's time for me to not only walk it, but to begin building. This past week the message of Renewing the mind and Transforming the mind has been brought forth to me through various people so you know that is just God speaking and if I don't listen then I'm hindering my birthing process I refuse to cause myself to miscarry.

Ladies many of you right now are sitting on a gold mine. You have a book, a business, school enrollment, an album, an audition. Whatever it is, God is saying enter into the labor room, you are dilating it's time to start pushing because this baby is ready to enter into the world.

I know that the process can be a scary one, but put your trust in God and I promise it will be okay. I give this advice not because I am perfect and I don't get worried because I do and yes sometimes fear kicks in and I have to begin talking to myself and God. The enemy is on his job to discourage us, but God is greater and because you believe in Him there is a power in you like a stick of dynamite that when lit will destroy everything the devil tries to send your way.

Whatever it that God has given you I it will come to pass. I am praying with all of you that the power within you will ignite a blazing Fire.



Friday, November 9, 2012

Long Time Coming

Wow it's really been a while, 3 months to be exact since the last time I blogged. Well I am back for now Lol! No, really I am going to do better because if I continue to put this on the back burner I will never accomplish what I intended for this blog to be which is to uplift, and share life's daily challenges and high points. I hope you enjoy this post it's one of the most candid posts yet...

So it's been a long time coming, I am taking a break from Facebook starting now. To be honest with you the reason why I am taking this month long break is because I am consumed with it, it's like I have to continue to check facebook as if it's the daily news, heck I don't even watch the news like that, but that is where most of us get most of our information and updates which is ridiculous. I find that I just spend too much time on this site and realize by the end of the night that I haven't had bible study, or date night with God, nor have I worked toward any of my many projects that I have to birth.

I know there are many of you who can identify with this issue and many of us don't even realize it's an issue because you feel you are doing positive things on the site like: Networking, posting for your business, posting words of encouragement etc.. but all of that is time consuming all of that takes away from daily tasks. For me personally I am in the process of creating a nonprofit and a magazine, yeah this sounds really fascinating and awesome, but I have not put as much time into it as I should be. Before the words form on your lips let me be the first to say I DO NOT BLAME FACEBOOK, I take full responsibility for the lack of my progress, what I am pointing out is my personal flaw that many of us have and don't realize is we focus much of our attention on our social media and forget to focus on the business at hand whether it be time with God or time working on your business, or school.

I personally needed time to redirect my attention and this post may be an awaking for some of you, and for others you're probably like "whatever, get your life and do what you gotta do" Lol.... Whatever the case may be I intend to take this time to focus on not only myself, but God, and my birthings. I recently did a faith board and look at it everyday, but there is just more than looking there has to be action because Faith without works is dead.

In the last month I received a promotion on my job and God revealed to me that He was getting me prepared for leadership and today something happened at work regarding the program I am over and I felt like that leader I heard me changing as I was on the phone speaking with someone. I realized for me it will take a little bit more for me to get to where God wants me because I do allow things to distract me so that for meant giving up facebook and seeing how that works for me. By no means am I suggesting everyone deactivate their accounts, but there are those of us who do become consumed to the point where we forget about the business at hand, and the rest who can balance well, you deserve a standing ovation :-)

If anyone is reading this I will keep you posted on my outcomes. I am actually very excited about what I will get accomplished.... By the way in case you didn't know I am an author and I published an awesome book for teens/young adult women entitled: Taking Responsibility & Loving Yourself: Your Journey To Womanhood,  I'm not saying this because I wrote it, but this is a very great read for the young lady in your life, our girls are going through so much in their lives than we can imagine and we have redirect their attention away from these "Reality" shows and music videos, and other forms of "entertainment" that is teaching our girls it's okay to fight and call one another out of our name and to exploit their bodies. God has so much more in store for our daughters, sisters, nieces, cousins etc... and society is creating a fictitious identity that our girls are feeding into. To order copy please visit my website at:

                                                                   Lady B

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Let The Words of My Mouth- Part 1: What Are You Saying To Yourself

I must tell you I have never thought about this until one of my sister’s in Christ brought it to my attention; once she said something I began changing my everyday language immediately. So, I guess you are curious to know what I said, here it is:  “I had a crazy say at work today, I think they are killing me”. Have you guesses which word she nearly chewed my head off for? Yep! Killing me. Now you and I know that I didn’t mean they were actually killing me, but just the fact that I used such harmful language towards myself is the problem. Some people may say “That’s just too deep, why do church people have to be so sanctified”.

My answer to that is, No! I’m not being deep because I believe if I profess to be a child of God then I must live by His word “A man’s belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth, and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled. Death and life are in the power of the tongue…” Proverbs 18:20-21 KJV. Simply put, our state of mind is fed by our words are our words can either be as fruit to the belly or poison. I know we use certain phrases as a figure of speech, but when words are released they manifest themselves.


“This job is killing me”, as we know killing means to take one’s life so in this instance this one phrase is killing your spirit. Now when you go to work your thoughts are “these people are killing me” every little thing bothers you, your blood pressure raises, your attitude changes you, and you’re constantly stressed.

I’m sure you know how much power words have over us, which means we should be careful as to what we speak not only to others but also ourselves. I find myself at times saying to myself “Amelia, that was so stupid or you idiot” WHAT!!??!! I know I’m not the only one who has done that. I know I am not stupid because stupid doesn’t get you a Masters Degree, but this is what I find myself saying from time to time, what do you think those few words have done to me and yourself once in the atmosphere? Think about it? Do you ever find yourself in situations where you have to speak or working on a project and you just start thinking that stupid/idiot thought? Ladies this is not something to take lightly, this is not my own saying it is biblical.

Words like “I can’t” are poisonous words because the minute you say you can’t you won’t try because that word created the thought that there are things you are not capable of doing. I have a four year old nephew when I tell him to put on his shoes he tell me “I can’t” I tell him don’t ever say that you can do whatever you put your mind to do, I told him to say “I don’t know how to do it” so I sat down with him and taught him how to put on his shoes on the correct feet. One day I was exercising and I fell on the floor and said I can’t do this he tells me “Don’t say that, you can do it get up”.

Ladies, if my four year old nephew got the concept then surely we can too. We have to change the way and what we speak into our lives. Let’s make a commitment to stop killing ourselves with negative words.

                                                                      ~ LadyB

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Me? A Visionary??: A Diary Entry

This is a short similar version of what I wrote in my diary that I felt the need to share with the world. I am not doing this to gloat or exploit my personal business I’m doing this because this may be a blessing to someone else.
For the past year I have been in deep contemplation about my various business ventures that were once dreams, but are now becoming reality. Where do I start? Who do I talk to? Who will help me? Where do I get the funds? So much to think about, too much to do. A few months ago I met my now mentor and sister, Kaneesha via Twitter; all I have to say is only God could have brought us together at this time in our lives. Though we just met and have only spoken by phone it is like we grew up together she is the first person I have met and felt comfortable talking about myself. As we began talking we have to realize we had similar aspirations for starting our own organizations or shall I say ministries. One day while holding a conversation about our next steps I said to her that I was overwhelmed and felt like no one really understood what I was trying to do. I would talk to people and they would just look at me and say yeah okay sounds good, or okay…. That’s it? That’s all you have to say? Then I would begin thinking am I trying to do too much am I out of my league?? Kaneesha said something to me that will be with me for the rest of my life, she said to me “MeMe do you know what you are?”… In a confused voice I said no. she said “You are a visionary, no one will ever see what you see, but you and God. You have to stop looking to others and start looking to God for confirmation”.
I never thought of myself as a visionary, I’ve been called many things in my 30 years but visionary was not one of them Lol. When I think of visionaries I think of My Uncle & Aunt Dr. Gilbert S. Smith Pastor, and First Lady Geneva O. Smith they created their ministry based faith & vision. Hmmm….ding, ding, ding I woke up and finally had a revelation okay maybe not a revelation, but I finally understood what she was saying. I have always been the type person to just think of myself as an ordinary young lady who just wanted to help people, I do know that I have never been a small thinker, when I was in elementary school and we make gingerbread houses I created a mall, when I do a family tree using lines I created a actual tree with branches and everything else, when I had to create a story board I created a comic book, in band my instructor said I was capable of playing a grade 4 I played a grade 6 and received a superior medal…Hmmm I guess I am a visionary.
In the past few months God has opened up many doors of opportunity for me, I am what we call in the world of psychology Introverted (shy/soft spoken) and slowly, but surely God is braking the shackles of that spirit. I thank God for the awesome women that God is introducing into my life; I realize God is surrounding me with anointed like minded people to stir up the gift in me. During a conference call it was pointed out that a study done by sociologist indicate that introverted people will influence 10,000 people in their life time <<Smiles>> just imagine as I continue to have faith in God and I grow how many people I will reach. I don’t look to be in the lime light, I don’t expect to hobnob with celebrities, I look forward to being a Kingdom builder, I expect to be reach millions of young people & their families restoring the family unit, I envision an Empowerment Movement. Whatever God decides to lead my way I will follow motives are genuine. As a visionary (I am learning to accept this I still fee awkward calling myself that I still feel like plan ole Amelia a.k.a MeMe Lol, but in Jesus I am a new Creation) I am understanding that though I must allow people to help me, I must take the initiative until God sends my team <<wink>> (Now accepting applications) jk. This is a process that is a test of my faith I thank God for the confirmation as I continue to fast and pray. No, it is not easy, but the Vision is clear.



                                                                                      ~ Lady B

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Taking Care of Your Temple: Healthenomics 101

Yep! I did it I created my own word, Lol!

Last week I had a scare and it made me realize not only to live everyday with no regrets and no holding on to anger, but most importantly to take care of this body that God has entrusted me with. Ladies if you are not health conscious I encourage you to take better care of your bodies and if you have children teach them about healthy eating habits.
We live in such a fast paced society where cooking is not an option, so we look to the drive thru lines to provide us and our children with a quick meal on the go. Don’t get me wrong sometimes it’s our only option, but eventually our only option becomes a habitual activity. It is important for us to become familiar with our numbers (status) and I mean height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and if you are diabetic know your numbers.
My family has a history of high blood pressure on both sides, my mother passed away of a massive heart attack at the age of 35. Although my family history is such I don’t expect certain things to happen to me however, being human kicks in sometimes because O my goodness I thought to myself “I’m 30 what is going to happen to me, I’m stress all the time and I’m going to die”

Note: It’s crazy that when you’re scared all scripture goes out the window…smh, but thank God for prayer partners

I know there are those of you who can relate to my feelings, but we must realize that those fearful seeds are tricks of the devil, he plants them and waters them with lies “I’m going to die like… or of….” After speaking with my amazing Mentor/friend/sister she brought to my attention just what the devil was trying to do to me, “the curse must be broken” she said. Though I’ve heard this preached many times it just seemed to really stick that night. When she prayed with me it was like a light had turned on bright and I said “Lord forgive me, this is my body and it is a temple I intend on taking care of it”, even though my test results came back negative, I know I need to better, I know I need to make changes in my eating habits, exercising, and overall spiritual & mental health.

Ladies we need to respect the temple more; we don’t go to church looking like who did it and got away with it, you go lookin like you lookin, but in presenting our bodies and saying Lord “heal me deliver me “ why should He when you just had a bacon cheese burger, fries, large milk shake, and an apple pie for lunch and that’s just Monday… “I feel like I’m helping somebody somewhere” <smile>

Our health is very important I’m not saying you can’t have a Lil somethin somethin every now and then, nut be mindful of your intake.

Here is a link of  some healthy tips I would like to share with all my beautiful sisters, let’s all may a pledge to change our wicked ways

I hope that everyone will take heed to this helpful information. I know it's hard to do when you are at work and you need snacks to keep you awake, but you don't have to stop snacking just change the snacks you are eating... For instance my snacks include: Green Apples, a hand full of almonds, raisins, non-salted non-buttered popcorn (you can actually use your other healthy seasonings), baby carrots. It is also important to drink your body weight of water everyday... I know, I know I'm asking way to much but trust me you feel better, and don't forget to exercise. The site also provides other health information so please browse the site.

No routine is learned over night, but when you think about your life and purpose and your family I'm sure this change will be worth it. I pray that I was able encourage you to take better care of your body remember it is a Temple.

                             ~ Blessings

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Calling ALL Black Women..."They say We're Angry"

I have been thinking about this post all week, I’ve read comments, and I’ve watched the interview, so now I guess I’m ready. As you read this post I would like for you to read it carefully take notes and please comment this is a very important subject that is poisoning the African American Community, and also not to mention I am always up for stimulating conversation…Okay let us begin.

Last week first Lady Michelle Obama for the second time has had to defend her character as Not being an “Angry Black Woman”. As a Black woman I feel like I was attacked as well, please take this moment to watch this interview Mrs. Obama had with Gayle King which aired on The CBS Morning Show January 11, 2012.

I had the opportunity to read and participate in a discussion on twitter orchestrated by Sophia A. Nelson author of Black Woman Redefined: Dispelling the Myths and Discovering Fulfillment in the Age of Michelle Obama. I have yet to read her book, but it is ordered and on its way, I suggest every Black woman to get this book though I have not read it Ms. Nelson stands for Black women redefining how society sees us and how we view ourselves…. Now on to my topic:

As a teen I understood stereotypes, but never really understood the impact it would have on me as an adult woman until now. In society today even though times have changed we are still living in a world that views Black people & especially Black women in a stereotypical way. As a  young adult woman in the workforce I see how stereotypes affect me, I am a Black woman which means my name is supposed to be Kentoya, Lashay, or Ta’keisha (Sorry to my sisters who have this name do disrespect) in this since my name Amelia does not sound Black. I am a Black woman of a certain age and I don’t have kids, the first questions or observation has to be, How many kids do you have? “Really”. I am a Black woman so because I think highly about something and express my fervent opinion about it I am “Angry”. I am a Black woman people are shocked at my wealth of knowledge and how I speak “Seriously”…. I know some of you know what I am talking about, you know the looks and ignorant comments we get.

Do I hate being a Black woman, N to the O, NO! I am disappointed in society, but then I must pose the question to our own, Are we enablers to the “Angry Black Woman” stereotype or any for that matter? We have movies and television shows that portray every stereotype there is about Black women and though it is entertaining and funny are we telling our youth that this is who we are? Is it okay to call one another B’s & H’s (I don’t curse so…) is it okay for us to accept the word B#### as an honor? Last time I checked the dictionary bitchà a female canine animal, esp. dog. (2) offensive Slang (3) A spiteful or over bearing woman (3) Slang a complaint (4) Slang something very unpleasant or difficult. Hmmmm….and this is what our young people say to one another what we call one another, this is what has become a part of our everyday language “I am vexed, I am disappointed in myself that I use to use this horrific word toward myself or my sisters. Please take the time to think about this”

We have enough problems as Black women defending our character, but when our own people including ourselves bring us down how can we defend ourselves to our White counterparts. I am passionate about our youth especially the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual development of our girls as an older generation is our duty to educate and be examples to these little sisters growing up to be Women not “Shoe Sizes”. In my book; Taking Responsibility & Loving Yourself: Your Journey To Womanhood, I explain that there is power in the tongue as the Bible says you can speak life or death up yourself “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit” Proverbs 18:21, The question remains “From which tree will you eat from, life or death?”

It is time for Black women to take a stand against these stereotypes of our character. Mrs. Obama shouldn’t stand alone in her defense we all should have a voice on this matter. “I am a Black woman opinionated and passionate, Not Angry”.

I literally can keep going, but I am interested to know how some of you feel about this subject, and what I have said. How do we as Black women change this? Are these stereotypes cause by us? Moving forward what are you going to do about it?

                                                               Lady B

Monday, December 26, 2011

Humbled Beginnings: Call for The Kingdom Movement

Last Saturday December 17, 2011 I was given the privilege to visit an all girl’s camp for young girls who have gotten into trouble. I can’t go in to detail, but what I felt afterwards was amazing. As I was standing there giving my personal testimony of hurt, anger, and defeat I could hear God saying “Get ready” it’s so strange because the Sunday before I had a dream that I was standing in front of a crowd of young people and God said “Get ready”. I really don’t think it strange nor is this a coincidence it is real, God is real, and what He has in store for me is Real and bigger than anything I could ever conceive.

Having the opportunity to have a mini conversation with each girl as I signed their books, I was humbled because they thanked me for sharing and coming to see them. My life is not one of hardships or abuse which may be the case for some of us, but we all have a story, we all have gone through something that has taken us from one level to the next. What I have come to realize is no matter what, our stories are relatable. It amazes me because no matter your background, socioeconomic status we are still human<smiles>.

I Love God because He always knows how to bring things, and people together in the most unexpected times, and places.  I recently met the most beautiful, educated, and blessed young women of God on twitter..Yep! Twitter I mean we talk like we have known each other from childhood and I love it, because if I need a prayer they are there and vice versa. We encourage one another as sisters in Christ should. Two of my sisters have been on missions to Brazil and the footage is heartwarming. I mention this to say: I believe God is calling for a greater work from his people & I am talking missions. I know we all are not able to go over seas but we have to come out of the confinements of the Church walls. At the age of 30 Jesus began his “Ministry”, we Yes! we as a body of Christ have to stop talking about those who are out on the street, and those in other countries about the way they live, STOP talking about it and be about it.

Yes, we all make choices of the lives we live however, there is more than just a choice there are circumstances that occur, you don’t know the mental state, former socioeconomic status of the man or woman on the corner, they could have been high rollers in Corporate America, who lost their jobs, savings, and then home. You don’t know what made that woman you see on the street corner feel the need to sell her body on the streets, she could have been molested at an early age, she may need fast money to take care of her family, she may have been forced into the life and doesn’t know how to get out & we Yes! We “Christians” turn up our nose's and talk about these people instead of ministering to them, or praying for them as we drive by.

Mary Magdalene was known as “The Sinner”, but hearing the teachings of Jesus her life was changed. All it takes is hearing I know it seems as though when talking to people they are not listening, especially when they are continuing to do the same things, that doesn’t mean we stop. People who have been trampled upon and defeated have a hard time trusting so they test you to see if you are the real deal, do you really care about them or are you just preaching to them. The Bible says we die daily in Christ, plant the seed and watch it grow we all are as children in God’s eyes he tells us one thing we do another, he tells us again we do half of it, he tells us again and again then eventually we do it, and what is it that we say to ourselves “Why didn’t I listen the first time? The Lord told me this relationship, or this move was not the right choice for me”.

In these last days God is looking for His sons and daughters to come together in a Kingdom Movement to win souls, change lives, enrich marriages, mend households, heal old wounds, and deliver mental instability. The enemy is out to kill, destroy, devour, and sift us as wheat, I for one refuse to sit around getting myself together while my brothers and sisters are lost, what do you seriously expect God to say to you at the end “Well done thy good and faithful servant”? Don’t be surprised if He looks at you and says “And what have you done?”<SMH>.  

My church has been deemed “The Mission Church” because my Pastor and First Lady have dedicated their lives to home and foreign mission. The Apostolic Revival Center Inc. has several churches in Africa (and wells), churches in Belize, Haiti, Nicaragua, just to name a few. Just recently through the church’s foreign mission offerings were able to purchase Bibles for the Christians in Sierra Leone which is such a hostile environment for Christians, and the ministry continues to be blessed. I ask “What are you doing?”  

Get up people it’s time to make a move and give back stop sitting on The Gift “and I am talking God’s Holy Spirit”. Salvation is not just about you being right for the Lord ,and attending church on a regular it’s about sharing the gift, telling people about what God has done for you and how God so Loved the WORLD that he gave His only Begotten Son for Us. My Lord.... If we all could just come together and do as Christ has done. Find out what your church is doing in mission be apart, start one yourself. Like I said we all can’t travel abroad, but do what you can at home. Do you know the power we possess as believers in Christ? Literally people, What Would Jesus Do?


Lord I thank you for the call to help those in need whether it be in foreign mission or home mission. I pray that you continue to order my steps in the direction you want me to go. I pray for the church to hear, listen, and ad heed to your call as you are looking for an increase in the Kingdom. I pray that my brothers and sisters take the time to reach out to their communities winning souls everyday even if it is only one a day you are still glorified. Lord give me the strength to be an advocate and worker in the Kingdom Movement. Amen


"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation"
Mark 16:15 (NIV)

Video: Apostolic Revival Center Dr. Glibert S. Smith Pastor

Video: Launch Ministries Presents Brazil 2011 by Kaneesha Thomas