Sunday, January 22, 2012

Calling ALL Black Women..."They say We're Angry"

I have been thinking about this post all week, I’ve read comments, and I’ve watched the interview, so now I guess I’m ready. As you read this post I would like for you to read it carefully take notes and please comment this is a very important subject that is poisoning the African American Community, and also not to mention I am always up for stimulating conversation…Okay let us begin.

Last week first Lady Michelle Obama for the second time has had to defend her character as Not being an “Angry Black Woman”. As a Black woman I feel like I was attacked as well, please take this moment to watch this interview Mrs. Obama had with Gayle King which aired on The CBS Morning Show January 11, 2012.

I had the opportunity to read and participate in a discussion on twitter orchestrated by Sophia A. Nelson author of Black Woman Redefined: Dispelling the Myths and Discovering Fulfillment in the Age of Michelle Obama. I have yet to read her book, but it is ordered and on its way, I suggest every Black woman to get this book though I have not read it Ms. Nelson stands for Black women redefining how society sees us and how we view ourselves…. Now on to my topic:

As a teen I understood stereotypes, but never really understood the impact it would have on me as an adult woman until now. In society today even though times have changed we are still living in a world that views Black people & especially Black women in a stereotypical way. As a  young adult woman in the workforce I see how stereotypes affect me, I am a Black woman which means my name is supposed to be Kentoya, Lashay, or Ta’keisha (Sorry to my sisters who have this name do disrespect) in this since my name Amelia does not sound Black. I am a Black woman of a certain age and I don’t have kids, the first questions or observation has to be, How many kids do you have? “Really”. I am a Black woman so because I think highly about something and express my fervent opinion about it I am “Angry”. I am a Black woman people are shocked at my wealth of knowledge and how I speak “Seriously”…. I know some of you know what I am talking about, you know the looks and ignorant comments we get.

Do I hate being a Black woman, N to the O, NO! I am disappointed in society, but then I must pose the question to our own, Are we enablers to the “Angry Black Woman” stereotype or any for that matter? We have movies and television shows that portray every stereotype there is about Black women and though it is entertaining and funny are we telling our youth that this is who we are? Is it okay to call one another B’s & H’s (I don’t curse so…) is it okay for us to accept the word B#### as an honor? Last time I checked the dictionary bitchà a female canine animal, esp. dog. (2) offensive Slang (3) A spiteful or over bearing woman (3) Slang a complaint (4) Slang something very unpleasant or difficult. Hmmmm….and this is what our young people say to one another what we call one another, this is what has become a part of our everyday language “I am vexed, I am disappointed in myself that I use to use this horrific word toward myself or my sisters. Please take the time to think about this”

We have enough problems as Black women defending our character, but when our own people including ourselves bring us down how can we defend ourselves to our White counterparts. I am passionate about our youth especially the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual development of our girls as an older generation is our duty to educate and be examples to these little sisters growing up to be Women not “Shoe Sizes”. In my book; Taking Responsibility & Loving Yourself: Your Journey To Womanhood, I explain that there is power in the tongue as the Bible says you can speak life or death up yourself “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit” Proverbs 18:21, The question remains “From which tree will you eat from, life or death?”

It is time for Black women to take a stand against these stereotypes of our character. Mrs. Obama shouldn’t stand alone in her defense we all should have a voice on this matter. “I am a Black woman opinionated and passionate, Not Angry”.

I literally can keep going, but I am interested to know how some of you feel about this subject, and what I have said. How do we as Black women change this? Are these stereotypes cause by us? Moving forward what are you going to do about it?

                                                               Lady B


  1. Enjoyed your post. The opponents of Michelle Obama know that image is everything in media. They are trying to high jack the positive image that most people have of the First Lady by spinning a narrative of their own imagination. Truth always prevails.

  2. Sorry it has taken long to reply. Thank you so much, I agree with your comment. It's sad that positive image cannot be highlighted in the media Michelle Obama or not all we see now are women fighting and calling eachother out thier name is shamefull and it's hurting our younger generation and the cycle will continue and the media will continue to follow it.